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Big Data Hadoop


The Big Data and Hadoop training offers you a significant understanding of large datasets and frameworks essential in their handling. It gives you access to technologies that you can utilize to handle real-life databases and carry out important analyses on the same, thus enhancing real-time operations.

Big Data Hadoop Training Course In Hyderabad

About Big Data Hadoop Training Course

Hadoop training course and tutorial – is one of the most searched topics on the internet today, but do you know why? It is because Hadoop is a major part of big data, and without understanding it, you cannot manage data processing and storage in a big data application. In a world where data is fueling the growth of organizations, big data is what helps in identifying data that is both useful and insightful, and Hadoop is the framework of big data. Shortly and simply, both Hadoop and big data go hand in hand. Right not big data is the most in-demand technology today, so learning and understanding it will open the gates for your golden future.

The demand for big data and Hadoop specialists has increased in the last decade, so if you plan to start your journey with it, we at iGlobe Online Training’s can help you understand every inch and corner of this technology with our interactive training sessions. We provide Big Data Hadoop Training Course in Hyderabad to help you get started with this in-demand technology. Our real-time expert trainers are highly specialized in the field and provide thorough knowledge to handle large databases with ease. Right now, many organizations are willing to hire big data specialists; that is why this is the ideal time to learn and master Hadoop skills. Due to the talent shortage and high demand, organizations are paying handsome salaries to the deserving candidate. So, why to waste time and let go of such a golden opportunity when you can easily grab on to it, with our specialized classes for acquiring the Hadoop skills.

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Learn from Industry Experts

e-learning sessions

Industry specific scenarios

24*7 lifetime support & Access

Flexible schedule

Certification and Job Assistance

1.How is the schedule planned for a particular course?

We plan every course taking into consideration the requirement of every learner. We have a team of excellent instructors who provide you the right training and also discuss the real-time industry scenarios. The sessions are stipulated over a specific period of days but you can access the recorded videos anytime.

2.Where will I get the required course material?

The course material is available in the respective courses. You can get access to the training material immediately as soon as you enroll for a particular course. Also, you don’t need to worry if you need any material in the future as you have a 24*7 lifetime access to the same.

3.What if I miss a class?

No worries! As all our training sessions are recorded you can learn from them whenever and wherever you want. So, even if you miss a class or couldn’t understand any concept, you can go back to the recorded sessions and understand. And our instructors are always available to solve your doubts

4.What are the system and browser requirements for online training?

Most of the requirements differ as per the course training and will be imposed by the Course Management System. Although the minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Processor: Pentium 3.5 GHZ
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 50 GB

Also, it is often recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer as per your system.

Don’t forget to have high-speed internet connectivity!

5.What if I have queries after course completion?

Our team of instructors is 24*7 available to solve all your doubts and queries. You can ask your queries after every session and even after the completion of the training in the future, we will be always available at your help. The training sessions are very much interactive such that you will be able to grasp the knowledge about the course in no time.

6.Do you provide job placement and career assistance?

Yes. We are not just limited to provide course training, but also help to make proper use of it in your career. If you’re not getting the job of your dreams, or having trouble at your current workplace, our job placement assistance is just the perfect place for you. We help students to build a strong job profile and develop the required interview skills too. With us, you’re sure to find the job that will sustain all your needs.

7.How can I make use of your On Job Support?

If you’re looking for any On Job Support for projects or client work, you can connect with us anytime and get the required help. Simply select the IT technology you want support on, choose the required technical training and our professionals will be at your service. Not just that, but we also train you in the field such that next time you face a similar issue, you’ll be able to resolve it on your own.

8.I’m not free during weekdays. How can I complete the course then?

We have special Weekend Training Programs too for learners. We don’t want a single person to miss out on the learning opportunity owing to their hectic schedule and thereby we have crafted this special program.

9.What if I face issues and have more queries?

Our Support Team will be 24*7 at your service. Be it any course related or general queries before and after course completion, we aim to resolve everything.


  • I was always afraid of using Big Data software due to lack of knowledge. With iGlobe practical training, I could have a hands-on experience and all the fear was gone.


  • Being an engineer, big data always interests me. However, in the vast pool of resources, I found it difficult to learn and understand. Hence I chose iGlobe Online Training and I am glad to have made that decision.


  • I have recently completed this training and I must say I expected too little and got too much instead. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to start afresh in Big Data Analytics.

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