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Robotic Process Automation

Six Facts You Never Knew About RPA Blue Prism Training


Blue Prism is known as an RPA (Robotics Process Automation) tool that helps in the implementation of robotics automation. This tool is designed to automate various business processes and get help in the optimization of your work by simplifying, automating, and integrating the processes and technology.

Using automation has become very important for every organization in their industry. This can help the employees to focus on higher-value work by eliminating the transactions that can be done by the software robots. In this manner, the work also gets performed with maximum efficiency without any problem. If a person is planning to build a career in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) then the best ultimate tool is a Blue prism, to begin with. In order to know about it better, here are some fewer known facts about this tool that can be useful for everyone.

Robotic Process Automation

Component in Blue Prism

The blue prism helps in providing some set of tools, runtime environment, and libraries to RPA. When it comes to the components, two main parts of the blue prism are there

  1. Process Studio
  2. Object Studio

Knowing About Use of Initialize and Cleanup in Object Studio

Initialize and cleanup are known as the pre-and post-conditions which execute at the beginning and end of the respective objects. It also can’t be termed as through action because it runs automatically when the object is called.

Various Types of Modes Available for Object

 There are three types of modes that are available for an object namely

  1. Exclusive Mode
  2. Foreground Mode
  3. Background Mode

Difference Between Global Send Keys and Global Send Key Events

Global send keys are known to be the high-level interface that helps in sending keystrokes to the active application. Global send key events on the other hand are a low-level interface that helps in mimicking keyboard keystrokes in a particular operating system.

RPA Blue prism training

Understanding the difference between session and an environment variable

A Session Variable is a type of variable whose value is possible to change for every specific session. The environment variable is that type of variable whose value isn’t possible to get changed until the resource stops the process flow execution from the control room.

Meaning of work queues?

One of the most efficient ways to put various bots is to use both the blue prism and work queue feature at work. The queue is usually a list of items that one or more bots can easily pick up the input and process. The queue does not only allow to make use of multiple machines but it also processes through multiple numbers of records for getting the output.

All the above-given factors are important to know about RPA Blue prism training. Make sure you have gone through all the given information to understand all about the tool well. Before using the tool, it is best to know all about its working and process. The above factors will help you in knowing its process better.

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