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Is It Possible To Get A Developer Job Using Only HTML And CSS?


Is It Possible To Get A Developer Job Using Only HTML And CSS?

The majority of people think that HTML and CSS wouldn’t get you a developer job. But with proper training, if you acquire sound knowledge in HTML and CSS. So in this blog, we will discuss some Best HTML and CSS Courses in Hyderabad offered by iGlobe Training that can assist in getting a job with HTML and CSS courses.

Web Developer vs. Web Designer

You must first understand that HTML and CSS are markup languages, not programming languages. If you only know these two languages, you are effectively a web designer rather than a web developer. It’s not a bad thing to be a web designer, but you’ll make less money than the typical web developer The web developer’s job is to manage databases, requests, responses, and all other work, whereas the web designer’s job is to plan how the website will look. There are the best HTML and CSS courses in Hyderabad 


Therefore, if you are skilled in HTML and CSS, you should have no trouble finding work as a web designer or UI/UX designer, which are essentially the same. Web designers typically work for larger organisations rather than small start-ups, but if you are eager to learn and have enthusiasm, you can iGlobe Online Training in Hyderabad which offers the best HTML and CSS courses.


Ability To Learn

The benefit of having a regular job is that you have the opportunity to pick up new abilities that may help you land a position that pays even more. Start-ups are the perfect environments for picking up new skills, but as I mentioned at the outset, they often don’t hire a lot of web designers. They typically choose someone who is willing to learn and either knows a little bit about everything or knows something really well.

So, my advice would be to submit applications for all open front-end positions at small start-ups. If you’re selected for an interview, another developer will likely conduct the interview. You’ll probably land a job if you can convince that developer that you are passionate about programming and eager to learn. He will probably be aware of your circumstance. You will study the technologies they employ while you are working there, which will also provide you the knowledge you need to apply for some higher jobs. The worst that can happen is that they reject you, but some people won’t do this because they don’t feel competent.

The second alternative would be to secure a position as a Web designer at a larger company, remain there for a while, and then attempt to pick up JavaScript or another back-end language while you are there in order to improve your chances of landing a position as a Web developer.


The best choice may be freelancing if all you know is HTML and CSS. The only thing that matters to customers when you work as a freelancer is the end product; they don’t care how you do it. Get a Job with HTML and CSS Course offered by iGlobe Online training.

Building websites for local restaurants and coffee shops is recommended, and JavaScript should always be used to some extent. You’ll learn JavaScript over time and have projects to show for it. Additionally, you can simply show them all of your completed tasks if you ever decide that you want to work for a particular organisation.


Even if you only know HTML and CSS, you can still find work as a web designer. On the other hand, it will be much more difficult to find work only as a web developer, though it is still possible if you apply to smaller start-ups. And get a job with HTML and CSS training; there are some excellent HTML and CSS training programmes in Hyderabad. At IGlobe Online training we groom you with all the skills needed to crack jobs in top MNCs with an array of courses. 

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