About Us

Companies accessing Solutions through our platform are well represented across large corporates, high-growth start-ups and SMEs, investors, professional services firms and leading not-for-profits.


The competitive world of today lays the emphasis more on the real-time work execution and implementation on the digital platform. In this paradigm, IGlobe Online Training becomes the epi centre for online training courses for individuals who tend to struggle and keep them fit and to become a part of the digital journey throughout.


We as iGlobe trying to become the largest platform for E-learning and Solution Provider for project-based work for business skills, leveraged by millions of independent professionals and the organization’s that need their expertise.


iGlobe Online Training  is to support organization to excel in its Business line by constantly winning new projects, achieving efficiency along with constant improvement in services and support.

As a Solution Provider

At IGlobe Online Training, one stops to think on tactics but rather gets to understand the process

One should understand that getting hold of a meagre software learning certifications from stereotype online institutions has become outdated. These institutions actually put an aspirant to land upon an unmanned territory without any practical and real-time knowledge.

IGlobe Online Training nurtures and engages a candidate with a software trainer who takes the aspirant through troubleshooting scenarios which are actually required by the client. During the course, the candidates get to exposed and experience to a diverse mix of projects on a real-time and the candidate gets to learn it remotely.

In this particular realm, we have our unique mission and projection to invoke the technical competencies of an individual with reference to his or her technical calibrations and prove their best in terms of getting the things right in the project implementation phase.

The holistic e-learning curve brings the best

We have our unique pride in having a comprehensive learning platform for aspirants and persistently make efforts to deliver the most innovative software implementation in a software project that they undertake.

The online training institution gets involved in offering a wide range of techniques to the aspirant beginning with a series of brainstorming sessions and certain relevant case studies on a particular software platform which enables the aspirant to understand and comprehend the software platforms much easier.

As a premier online software training institution in Hyderabad, we are vehemently placed to train the aspirants for the skills which bring a dramatic shift to the future. Through us, the aspirant gets to experience and a definite hold on software platforms such as PeopleSoft, Splunk, VmWare VSphere, Servicenow, SCCM, AWS Administrator, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Bigdata, Hadoop, Oracle SQL PL SQL, UI Developer, Tableau, MSBI, Devops, Python with Django, Java, Dot Net and SAS.